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With the growing popularity of green transport and electric powered vehicles we have trained up and made sure that we in a position to help you to make the switch. We can come to your home to survey what is required. We can help you to decide on the best solution for you and we can carry out the installation to get you charging at home before you know it.

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When thinking about buying and electric vehicle (EV) you will need to consider your driving habits in order to make the right choice.

If you are normally on long journeys of over 100 miles a day and often carry heavy loads then an electric vehicle is probably not suitable for you just yet. Once technical advancements catch up then you should consider swapping.
The daily milage of the average driver is between 10 and 40 miles per day. The current range of standard EVs is in the region of 50 to 85 miles, which makes it a perfect choice for cleaner more economical mode of transport.
Did you know that EV owners have much lower running costs for their travel? When charging your EV you will be paying around a third of the cost per mile than a petrol vehicle.
How about the parts that actually move your vehicle? There are far less moving parts to service and that can potentially wear out. No exhaust system, no starter motor, no radiators..........
Your servicable parts will consiste of basically brakes, tyres and suspension, that is about it.
Most major manufacturers warranty the battery for around 8 years.
If, like myself you occassionally do make high milage journeys it may suit you to replace your small runabout with an electric vehicle. There is a wide range to choose from and the options are growing daily.
At present the second hand electric car market is in its infancy but this will change soon enough. Obviously with a few unique things to keep an eye out for like battery running time and compliance documentation.
Most EVs will have a seperate warranty to cover the battery and this is something you will need to be aware of.
Luckily all electric vehicles do come with a range remaining display so that you will always have an idea of remaining mile on your current charge. This is estimated by taking into account your driving habits over the last X amount of miles. So if you have been driving up hill for 20 miles then it will show less range.

EV Charging points are springing up all over the country and are almost always listed on satnav systems for easy locating.

Normally when you purchase your electric vehicle you will have the option of purchasing a dedicated EV cahrge point. This will be installed at your home or place of work to charge your vehicle when it is parked. This must be installed by a licenced EV chargepoint installer.

EV's are a great option if you are conscious of the environment and want to join the growing army of people actively living cleaner lives. You can also use renewable energy to charge your vehicle.